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In addition to our elected Board positions, PACO also has a variety of other leadership roles - namely Representatives and Committee Chairs.

Our Representative positions and Committee Chairs are a one-year term. The Representatives and Committee Chairs are not elected by the general membership, but are appointed by the Executive Board, after a review of the applications received. Anyone interested in any of the following positions listed below, please fill out the applicable form.

The Representative positions are:
  • Public Relations Representative - As PR Rep, you are tasked with the awesomeness of planning a fantastic Paralegal Day each May along with other PR events you want to help PACO.
  • Statewide Representative - The Statewide Rep attends bi-annual meetings within the state Ohio conversing with other paralegal associations to help promote the profession and assist other associations in the same.
  • NFPA Representative - As NFPA Rep, you work to promote the benefits to the membership about NFPA and work with other national associations to help promote the paralegal profession.
  • Student Liaison Representative - The Student Liaison Rep promotes the benefits of PACO, CBA, and NFPA to potential and current student paralegals throughout the various paralegal programs in Central Ohio.

The list of Committee Chairs are:
  • Job Bank Committee - The Job Bank Chair facilitates the submissions of open paralegal positions to the membership so they are aware of openings.
  • Pro Bono Committee - The Pro Bono Chair schedules PACO pro bono activities in the community.
  • Program Committee - The Programs Chair is tasked with planning and coordinating the monthly General Membership Meetings.
  • Mentoring Committee - The Mentoring Chair pairs up senior mentors and junior and paralegal student mentees as a way for senior paralegals to pay it forward.
  • Elections Committee - The Elections Chair handles the elections process every other year. The next elections cycle is 2015 for positions going from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017.
  • Bylaws Committee - The Bylaws Chair maintains the current regulations and policies for PACO.
  • Professional Development Committee - The Professional Development Chair handles the scholarships offered by PACO to members as well as oversees any roundtables established such as litigation and corporate.

Download the application for the Representative positions

Download the application for the Committee Chair positions

These applications can also be found on the PACO website at All applications must be submitted by 4:00pm on Friday, May 30 to

Connect with PACO: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn